2 New Ways to Change the Way You Do Business

When you think about the ductwork on your next project, your mind automatically goes to sheet metal. It is a natural reaction since ductwork has been the same since the beginning of HVAC. You don’t ask yourself if there is an alternative, because until now, there really wasn’t.

Lucky for you, things have changed and there is a whole new system in town that is going to change the way you do business! Sheet Metal Werks will be providing a proven and tested product to the Chicagoland area that has revolutionized HVAC duct systems around the world!

The first system is KoolDuct. The Kingspan KoolDuct® LEED accredited system is an advanced and innovative system of phenolic panel air-distribution ductwork. Ductwork is fabricated using premium performance rigid phenolic panels in sections up to 13′ long and can provide the optimum energy savings and environmental solutions in comparison with other types of ductwork.

The fiber-free Kingspan KoolDuct panels minimizes the risk of loose fibers entering the airstream through the ductwork. This can provide better indoor air quality (IAQ) for building occupants compared with other insulants, which can produce loose fibers when in direct contact with the airstream. This is why many hospitals, schools, areas of food preparation, offices, and many more will only use KoolDuct for their air handling.

The KoolDuct panels come in the following thicknesses and have the corresponding R-values:






The other product is Thermaduct. Thermaduct is a rigid outdoor ductwork system that offers High R-Values and Low Air Leakage without the need for fiberglass insulation or duct liner.  There is simply no duct like it in the world. Thermaduct combines the best of air distribution technology with an outdoor weather barrier to create a duct that o­ffers the highest R value and lowest air leakage rates in the industry.

The advantages of these products are endless! Both are ANSI and SMACNA approved also! The savings are had across the board, from the owners of the building and engineers, all the way down to the mechanical contractor. Let Sheet Metal Werks show you how we can team up and give you the biggest competitive advantage today!

To learn more about KoolDuct & Thermaduct:

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