You guys carry spiral?

It may be hard to believe that we have provided Spiral Duct and Fittings for the last 14 years, but we still find a customer or two (some of which have been customers for years) that don’t know it.Spiral Duct

Well, I’m going to make it official, WE MAKE SPIRAL!

Sheet Metal Werks has supplied the spiral for some of the largest projects in the Chicagoland area. From large retail chains like Old Navy and Walgreens, to multi level residential condos, to commercial dust collection and exhaust systems. SMW is also the largest supplier of lined SPIRAL pipe and fittings around. Using a product called “Spiracoustic”, we are able to provide an insulated product without going “double wall”, this will save you time and money on your installation.

We stock SPIRAL pipe and common fittings up to 24″, anything else is our standard 3 day lead time. We can also make SPIRAL in all material types and gauges for special projects. All the resources and the great service you get from us with rectangle duct and fittings are also available in SPIRAL.

Give any one of us a call to help you on your next project

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