Secrets to the Safest Workplace

As a leader in your workplace, it’s not just your responsibility to improve productivity and motivation, it’s also your responsibility to maintain a safe work environment. Don’t just assume that there’s not much you can do to improve workplace safety since it’s impossible to create a completely hazard-free workplace or that accidents will naturally happen. You can’t assume that focusing on safety takes too much time and money. These are misconceptions that you should not allow to influence how you treat workplace safety. In fact, preventing accidents and injuries will save your company time and money. The following are a few ways that you can use your leadership position to create a safer work environment:

Speak about safety often

Your employees will follow by example. If you never speak about safety, or if you only go over the basic safety rules once with your employees and never bring them up again, then your employees won’t take them seriously. However, if you take the time to regularly discuss safety concerns and procedures, your employees will take note. The first step to making safety an important part of workplace culture is by discussing it regularly.

Document and communicate safety procedures

It’s not just enough to talk about general safety. Make sure that employees have access to documented safety procedures so that they can refer to them on their own time. You should also make sure that all of your employees understand the proper safety procedures before you begin working on new projects. By documenting and communicating your safety procedures, you help emphasize the importance of safety. 

“Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.”

Train your employees properly

Speaking with your employees about safety is a start, but it will only accomplish so much. Depending on the workplace, your employees may require training so that they can perform safety procedures and drills properly. Putting safety procedures into practice is something that you should emphasize since some of your employees may forget what they were told, not to mention that some people simply learn better through action than through dialogue.

For example, if your employees are install spiral duct, then you should make sure that they are trained on how to install spiral duct on a step-by-step basis using proper safety precautions. While being trained to install spiral duct, it should be explained to them the importance of each step so that they don’t compromise their safety or the safety of others by cutting corners in an attempt to boost their own productivity.


Make your leaders and employees accountable

Once you’ve discussed safety protocols and concerns with your leaders and employees as well as trained them properly, you must hold them accountable. This ensures that nobody tries to take short cuts in order to improve productivity. And if your leaders are held accountable, then your employees will understand how important it is to follow safety protocol.

Encourage ideas to improve safety

The best way to ensure that your employees take safety protocol seriously is by making sure the conversation isn’t one-sided. Encourage active discussion between your employees and your leaders. It’s your employees that are doing the majority of the physical work, which means that they have more experience with possible safety concerns. You should encourage them to raise any concerns they have about safety as well as to voice their opinion on ways that you and your leaders can improve workplace safety.

Safety should be a priority for any business, but especially in HVAC Construction. Use these tips to encourage and promote a safe workplace environment.